Whisky Bottle Stopper in yew with rosewood inlay initials

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Diameter 47mm   Height 50mm

A great low cost gift for whisky lovers or perhaps given along with a bottle of malt. This beautifully made bottle stopper is made in yew, our favorite wood and the top is intricately inlaid with rosewood initials of your choice. The quality of the workmanship and the silky finish of the wood is outstanding.

Supplied in a smart jute bag. 

This is a true heirloom gift, to be treasured for years to come - and all for less than a decent round of drinks! 

You have 2 cork sizes to chose from - STANDARD and LARGE.  Whisky corks come in many sizes so it's not possible to have one size that will fit all bottles.  However, these 2 stoppers will fit the vast majority of bottles. The link below shows a good selection of whiskies that are compatible with each cork size. CLICK HERE

If you are unsure which to go for then we suggest you choose STANDARD as this will fit the most bottles. 

Please input the initials you would like for the inlay in the 'YOUR TEXT' box below (maximum 3 letters).