How to Choose the length of your walking stick

The standard length is 125cm and this would be suitable for someone of about 5' 10" tall.  As a rough guide see suggested lengths below -

5' 4"  -  110cm

5' 6"  -  115cm

5' 8"  -  120cm

5' 10"  -  125cm

6' 0"  -  130cm

6' 2"  -  135cm

6' 4"  -  140cm

If you plan to use the stick on tough terrain with steep slopes and ledges then a longer stick may be better. We suggest you add 5cm to the above.

We appreciate that some people are smaller or taller than the sizes shown. We can make the sticks longer or shorter than any of the above. If you would like a stick length outside the range just select 125cm and make a note of what length you would like in the ORDER NOTES section at CHECKOUT