The Fallen Oaks

The Fallen Oaks

June 25, 2020

Two oak trees on the edge of Haytongate Wood blew over in the gales we suffered in December 2019. They are in a difficult to access position so any sawing will have to be done where they are and the timber extracted with a tractor and trailer. 


The larger of the two has a diameter of around 90cm and a long straight section of  8m. We are considering having a go at turning this tree into planks using an Alaskan Mill. Not something we have tried before but the prospect of being able to use our own oak in a few years is very appealing.   


The smaller tree is around 50cm in diameter and 10m long. We are considering cutting this tree into discs of around 80mm thick with the aim of making chopping boards and clocks.

Any comments / suggestions would be welcome and we will keep this blog updated as and when we decide what to do with the fallen oaks.


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