What to do with the table legs?

What to do with the table legs?

May 31, 2020

We are in possession of a large quantity of chunky table legs that have been collected over many years. They are mainly in walnut and mahogany.


One possibility would be to convert them into salt and pepper mills using our much loved Crush Grind mechanism. The problem with this plan is that it would end up being wasteful of much of the wood as the legs are all much fatter than anyone would want a mill to be, even if it was of jumbo proportions. Also, part of the charm of these legs is the carving and patina that has evolved over many years - initially in someone's house and latterly in one of our storage sheds.   

Our current thinking is to make them into lamps. Most of the legs are in sets of 4 so we will be able to sell them in pairs which we hope will be popular..

We will need to find a supplier of good quality fittings and the plan is to also find a supplier of suitable shades that we can recommend rather than buying in shades ourselves. Because of their shape and fragility sending lampshades by post / carrier could be a nightmare - would rather leave it to someone else!

Any suggestions / comments would be welcome. We found the picture of the lamp below on the web which is the kind of thing we have in mind.

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