Crush & Grind Mills

Crush & Grind Mills

October 31, 2019

We have used several salt and pepper mills over the years and the weak point always seems to be grinding mechanism. They are either made of steel and they gradually become less efficient as the metal wears out or even worse they are made of plastic and they break or wear out even more quickly.


Having decided to include grinding mills in the initial product line up for Hardwood Gifts we needed to find a good quality, reliable grinding mechanism. We very soon discovered the wonderful CrushGrind mechanism.

CrushGrind has a ceramic grinder which is longer lasting and more durable than metal. The benefits of a ceramic grinder are two-fold. One, it won’t dull with use, and two, it won’t corrode with exposure to salt.

Quite simply - it will never wear out. That's some claim but checking reviews on the internet it seems to be true.

Also, CrushGrind has a very useful dial on the base where you can adjust the coarseness setting. When you use the mill it just 'feels right'. You can kind of feel the granules being ground through the vibration in your hands. Hard to explain. Just try it!

Also, because it doesn't require a nut at the top to hold the whole mill together the design can be much more sleek and modern looking than the slightly outdated 'curvy' mills with a big dome and metal nut on the top. The metal rod's 'push fit' into the top section is secure enough for the top to stay on but not so tight that you have to battle to get it off and on.

The link below gives CrushGrind story


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