Mini Jewellery Box in yew with inlaid rosewood initials

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Diameter 49mm   Height 36mm

This small but beautiful box is perfect for small jewellery items such as rings, earrings, cufflinks etc. It is made from yew wood with inlaid rosewood initials and makes an ideal gift either as a stand alone box or to hold a piece of special jewellery you are giving to someone.

It is especially suitable for a vintage jewellery item that doesn't have it's own box. The top fits perfectly onto the base and the grain even lines up if rotated to the correct position. It is lined with luxurious black velvet.

You can choose to have the inlay letters positioned either in the centre of the lid or for a more contemporary look, offset to the top right. You can see both options illustrated. Please select which option you would like from the drop down list below.

Please input the initials you would like for the inlay in the 'YOUR TEXT' box below (maximum 3 letters).

You can also have a personal message engraved on the base of the box (maximum 75 letters) for an additional cost of £10  If you would like this then select YES on the drop down list and enter your message in the new 'YOUR TEXT' box that pops up.